Frequently Asked Questions

What is Good Grocer?

Good Grocer is a member operated grocery store that is open daily to the public. We exist to help families in need access healthy foods at affordable prices. We do this through a volunteer membership model that invites people from the community to help operate the store and in turn receive a significant discount on their groceries. As we minimize our employment costs, we are able to pass along savings in the form of the lower food prices for all shoppers.

How is Good Grocer Funded?

Good Grocer has been funded by many generous donors in the form of corporate partnerships, individual food sponsors, and one-time financial supporters. We continue to rely on donations to fund our ongoing start-up costs, but over time we aim to be self-funding. Our eventual goal is to be a self-sustaining social business where the revenue from our sales covers the cost of our operations. To date, we have not received any government funding or subsidies.

What is Your Address / Hours of Operation?

Good Grocer is in the process of building a new store at 2644 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis 55408. We hope to be open again in late 2018. Our Relocation page has more details.

Where Do You Source Your Food?

We work with several vendors to provide the freshest and best products for our customers. To date our vendors include SUPERVALU, J&B Wholesale Quality Meats, Russ Davis Produce, Frito-Lay, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Agropur, Goya, and The Fish Guys.

How Do I Sign Up to Become a Volunteer?

At the moment we are not signing up new volunteers. Sign up for our newsletter and you’ll be notified when we start accepting volunteer applications for the Nicollet Ave store.

Is Good Grocer a Non-Profit?

Yes. Good Grocer is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit, public benefit charity.

Do You Sell a Wide Variety of Foods?

Good Grocer stocks over 3,000 different foods to meet the diverse needs of the communities we serve, and we will double that in our new store on Nicollet Ave. We carry a wide variety of organic and conventionally grown produce; baked bread; fresh chicken; seafood; essential meats; dairy products; as well as a vast selection of frozen foods, beverages, snacks, pantry staples and household necessities. We also stock a large selection for our Hispanic and Somali customers. Our inventory is replenished multiple times a week ensuring that our foods are always fresh. We have everything you need to make this your one-stop grocery store. If you can’t find it, just ask!

Does Good Grocer Accept WIC / EBT?

Yes, we currently accept both EBT (SNAP/food stamps) and WIC.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Volunteer?

The benefit of becoming a Volunteer is twofold, the first being the fact that with reliable working volunteers our labor costs are reduced by 75%, which translates to lower prices for everyone. But another equally important benefit is the diverse community that is built as together we work towards helping families in need access affordable foods for their family.

Can Anyone Shop at Good Grocer?

Yes, even though we are a volunteer operated store everyone is welcome to shop with us. This is a store for anyone who values eating well at affordable prices and is interested in helping others do the same.

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