Never Tire of Doing Good.

Good Food. Good Prices. Good People.

  • Good Grocer is for the person who values eating well, but often can’t afford the ever increasing cost of food.

    Kurt Vickman Founder

See the impact Good Grocer is having on people’s lives

Good Food

Good Grocer stocks over 3,000 products including fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy and bakery items. Our wide variety reflects the diverse needs of our community.


Good Prices

Good Grocer has a working volunteer model that reduces employment costs by 75%. These savings are passed along in the form of lower food prices for all shoppers.


Good People

Good Grocer invites people from the community to volunteer 2.5 hours a month in exchange for a 25% discount on all groceries. To date we have over 400 working volunteers who help run every aspect of our store.

New location opening in late 2018!*

2644 Nicollet Ave S | Minneapolis, MN 55408

*See Relocation for details.

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